Phone Recycling


Jane Goodall Institute mobile phone recycling campaign

Rockhampton Zoo supports the Jane Goodall Institute Australia mobile phone recycling campaign.

The habitats of African apes are plentiful in coltan, a mineral used in electronic products. The precious resource is mined to keep up with technology demands, resulting in the clearing of these habitat (like the Democratic Republic of Congo) where chimpanzees live and also drives the bush meat trade, further exacerbating the decline of chimpanzee populations.h

We facilitate the donation of electronics that contain colton, so that the material can be reused or recycled, which inevitably helps reduce the demand for coltan.  When you donate your old phone, our generous mobile phone recycling partners donate money to The Jane Goodall Institute Australia on your behalf. This money then goes towards conservation programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

You can recycle your phone at Rockhampton Zoo by giving it to a zoo keeper at a Keeper Talk.

You can recycle your phone at Rockhampton Regional Council City Hall by dropping it in the phone recycling box in the Customer Service area.