Canis lupus dingo

Dingoes are agile, athletic and intelligent and can be trained in a manner very similar to domestic dogs. The average dingo measures up to 60 cm tall, 150 cm long and weighs up to 20 kg. 

At Rockhampton Zoo, you will get to see two separate dingo packs.

Siblings Flynn, Banjo and Caroline were brought to Rockhampton Zoo in 2009 as pups and stick together as one pack.

Ernie and Meeka make up the second pack. Ernie was born in the wild in an area west of Mackay. After his mum passed away, Ernie wandered onto a mine site and was befriended by some of the workers. Unfortunately, Ernie was unable to stay at the mine and, in 2014, Rockhampton Zoo was fortunate enough to take him in. Meeka was born in the wild around the Atherton Tablelands and, like Ernie, lost her mum at a young age. Meeka was taken to a local dog shelter and was then re-homed at Rockhampton Zoo in late 2015.

Distribution and habitat  Mainland Australia including some nearby coastal islands. Not found in Tasmania.
Conversation status*  Vulnerable 
Diet  Kangaroos, wallabies. Will prey on introduced species such as rabbits, cats, foxes and sometimes livestock.

 * Classified by IUCN