Asian small-clawed otters

Amblonyx cinereus 

Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest of the otter species, usually weighing less than five kilograms.  Rockhampton Zoo is home to two Asian small-clawed otters, Tomio and Misumi who arrived in March, 2019. These otters are siblings who joined us from Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.   


Come and see our water loving friends for one of their daily feeds or book an encounter with the playful pair and offer them their afternoon tea.

Please note you will not be in with the Otters, feeding will take place from outside their enclosure, behind the mesh.

If you can't see them in their Otter home, check out the Gibbon enclosure, they could be in there having a chat with Nakai. 

Follow this link for information on our keeper talks and animal feeding times.


Distribution and habitat

Asia, coastal regions specifically in mangrove swamps and freshwater wetlands

Conservation status*



Numbers in the wild are decreasing, but total population is unknown.


Eats mainly invertebrates such as crustaceans and molluscs

 * Classified by IUCN