Prehistoric Zoo Walks



This tour is run and operated by Time Safaris Rockhampton, NOT Rockhampton Zoo.

All enquires and bookings must be made through Time Safaris Rockhampton.  


Want to hold a real fossil? Know a crazy dinosaur fan?

Giant Crocs, killer wombats, enormous kangaroos, terror birds and of course dinosaurs.

Walk the Rockhampton Zoo with your guide, paleo-author Phil Hore, from Time Safaris Rockhampton, and hold and see fossils from the prehistoric relatives of the animals in the zoo.

With this unique tour, Time Safaris makes good its promise of turning Rockhampton Zoo into a museum.

Tours are approximately 45min to 1 hour in duration.

For further information, Terms and Conditions or to book, please visit: Time Safari’s website at  Time Safaris Zoo Walk