Animal Adoption


Rockhampton Zoo is a free attraction provided by Rockhampton Regional Council for the community and visitors to the region. 

Adoption is a wonderful way for you to become involved in helping with the care of our animals.  You will receive a special photo and a detailed information sheet about your chosen animal. Plus with 15% of all income going towards animal conservation in the wild, you will also be helping wildlife and the natural world.

Please note that Rockhampton Zoo is not a deductible gift recipient (DGR). Donations and Animal Adoption made to Rockhampton Zoo are not tax deductible.

To find out more about the wildlife conservation projects that we have been able to support thanks to donations from visitors, visit our Conservation page.

Please take a moment to click on the link and read through our Terms and Conditions.

Please note Adopting an animal:  

  1. Does not imply that the Adoptee has any kind of right to the Adopted animal, right of disposal or right to determine the whereabouts of the Adopted animal.
  2. Adoption does not grant Adoptees any access or rights to Rockhampton Zoo or any Rockhampton Zoo animals over and above the access or rights of general attendees at the Rockhampton Zoo.
  3. Adoptions are partial, non-exclusive Adoptions. In this sense, different Adoptees can adopt the same animal at the same time.

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For your generous adoption, you will receive the following: 
  • A Certificate of Adoption
  • An Educational fact sheet about the animal/s species you have adopted
  • Information on the animal/s you have adopted
  • A photo
  • Information about the conservation projects that Rockhampton Zoo supports.